Gareth Ashton

Patinato Petite 1524 ClearStone Gloss Bath


Clearwater has collaborated with a network of international designers to bring together a stunning and elegant range of freestanding baths using the finest materials and light-weight engineering.

Manufactured from ClearStone, using a Resin Mix including a majority Clay Mineral of Sedimentary Origin and a minority of Gibbsite Mineral as a Filler, the Patinato Petite Bath has been designed with a handy ledge that fits flush against the wall.

An optional Matching Stone Plug and Waste is available (Code 22529).

NOTE: For Installation purposes, please check with your plumber/builder to ensure they leave enough allowance for the pipework under the bath. The cavity size is shown in the attached technical drawing.

Material ClearStone
Product Type Freestanding Baths
Size L1524 x W800mm x H550mm
Water Capacity 167 Litres
Weight 85kg Unfilled
Warranty Period 1 Year on Parts, 10 Years on Stone
Product Codes
Patinato Petite 1524 ClearStone Gloss Bath
$5,615.50 (incl. GST)